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Gorgeous hi-cut mens panty, light fabric, lovely pattern, plenty of stretch .. Buy on it's own or couple it with the matching Fun Camisole

Why should you buy from HommeMystere?

A. They understand what you want. They provide a personal service with advice on sizing, fit, and more as requested. Their garments are designed to ensure a perfect fit for your bodyshape. You have 'peace of mind' money back guarantee on all their garments. They respect you as a customer, but more importantly, as an individual that chooses HommeMystere to provide you with the highest qualitymens lingerie on the market.

My husband/boyfriend likes to wear lingerie. I want to try and understand why he likes it?

A. For most guys, it's because they wear something a little taboo, yet isn't visible to anyone else including colleagues, friends or family.  It also makes customers feel better about themselves, and of course the HommeMystere lingerie is simply comfortable to wear, feels great and looks sexy!  Please don't be concerned that your man is any less manly just because he likes a bit of frill in his life.  Look at it for what it is - a bit of fun with some fabric and lace.  Embrace it a little and you we guarantee you will be impressed with your man's reaction.



HOMMESTYERE Lingeries can be use for all occasions and that includes Party Prank, Bachelor Night or even Wedding Gate Crash !

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