Meiki Series - Eiro Chika dignity of Meiki 絵色千佳

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Eiro Chika dignity of Meiki 絵色千佳


Birthday: November 11,1990
Hometown:Akita of Japan
Blood type: O Type
Height: 156cm
Bust Size: A

絵色千佳Eiro Chika'S Blog

From the popular series of Meikino product line. The team has recreated Eiro Chika's vagina, Enjoy the top model and AV actress with stunning looks. This series is named the “proof of excellence the dignity of meiki-e-shoku chika”

This is a real masterpiece from Meiki 名器の証明 series which is proudly named as "Proof of Excellent Articles" for the Artificial vagina series.
Apart from the appealing packaging, the Thermal plastic materials or TPE used for this article creates a realistic feel and softness of a real vagina, with the enterance carefully crafted according to the shape of your favourite AV star. The internal canal provides an excellent stimulation from the start with complicated nubs, spiral, streaks and folds, and the canal space becomes narrower to create an escalating sensation as you move towards the end. The last section has a uniquely designed space to allow ejactulation deep inside the vagina. Meiki features a thick wall with a total mass of 580 grams for durability and maximum sensation.

Note: The smaller entrance increase the chance for a small tear to develop on the lip after initial use. This will depend on the users' size but should not affect the functionality of this product.

*Very IMPORTANT! Please use only water-based lubricant with this product

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SKU 4562160134927
Material TPR
Width/Diameter 8.89cm
Total Length 16.51cm
Color Fleshtone
Brands NPG
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